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Transmission Repair

Your vehicle's transmission delivers the power from your engine to your drive axle(s). The transmission components make sure your engine’s power matches your speed, load, and driving conditions.

Excalibur Transmission Services

Our ASE-Certified Master Technicians have the tools and training necessary to correctly diagnose and repair all vehicle transmission problems.

We work with vehicle manufacturers to determine if necessary repairs are covered under the original manufacturer warranty, or an extended service warranty, if you have one.

Transmission Maintenance

Modern vehicle transmissions are warranted for up to 100,000 miles.
Automatic transmission fluid serves multiple purposes: cleans, cools, lubricates, and continually protects the transmission.
Transmission fluid recommendations vary by manufacturer.

Some driving behaviors create high demands on a vehicle's transmission, or will cause it to wear out more quickly:

  • towing or hauling excessive loads
  • frequent stops and starts - city driving
  • operating with deteriorated or contaminated transmission fluid
  • neglecting regular transmission maintenance

Symptoms of Transmission Trouble

Automatic transmission problems are extremely noticeable while driving:

  • Slipping: your vehicle slips in and out of gear, or seems to change gears for no reason.
  • Difficulty Shifting: difficulty getting up to speed, or vehicle seems to refuse to change gears.
  • Strange Noises: grinding, clunking or thunking noises while shifting
  • Fluid Leak: Red, pink, or brown fluid leaks underneath the front or middle of your vehicle.
  • Warning Light: a dashboard warning light - like Check Engine or Overdrive (O/D) - in combination with any of the above symptoms could indicate a transmission problem.

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