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2005 Mazda 3

After I was given misleading information at a different repair shop, I took my car to Excalibur, simply because their prices were so much better. After running diagnostic testing on my car, they discovered that my car didn't need near the work done that I was previously told. The difference ended up being $600 to my advantage. In addition, they were willing to go the extra mile in several ways to ensure that I had peace of mind. I appreciate their honesty, patience, willingness to answer all my questions, and great service provided. (10/15/2013)

Lexus RX350
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You've got to love a shop that tells it like it is. Had lost my wheel lock key and instead of charging me to remove they suggested I go to the dealer and have them removed or get a new key. This kind of honesty is RARE in this day in age. I will continue to bring all my vehicles to Excalibur! You guys are amazing! (10/17/2012)

Honda Civic

Brad and James are my knights in shining armor. Referred to me by my boss, not only did they not disappoint, but they went above and beyond any expectation I could have ever had. As a woman who knows pretty much nothing about cars and no readily available male resource to turn to, I have to rely on what I'm told not knowing whether it's true or who to trust. First Texas Honda wanted me to pay $500 to replace rotors that Excalibur found only needed to be resurfaced at nearly half that price. Then, they referred me to their contact at Discount Tire for a full set of tires at a great price!! And I'm certain that the call from James helped me get such a great deal.
It used to be hard to tell who to trust in the car business, but for me, not anymore. I won't take my car to anyone but the guys at Excalibur Automotive. Don't waste your time at the dealer thinking you're getting top notch service. They'll only read a manual and charge you double the cost of what it may require. The guys at Excalibur will tell you the truth and only suggest what is necessary at the time. You can trust them. They want your business and they're willing to earn it with knowledge, skill, good service, and fair pricing.
You will NOT be disappointed!! (7/21/2011)

2001 Suburban

Excellence. That is the word that describes the service and care you receive when you go to Excalibur. Brad, James and the guys really do care about you and your car. Just yesterday I called to ask a question about my car. I had gotten an oil change and also ended up doing a brake flush. I would have gone to Excalibur but my oil light came on and I didn't want to risk it so I stopped at the closest shop. I live way North of Austin. The car started acting funny after the oil change was done and I called Brad and he said if I was in the area to come by, he was concerned about my safety! WOW. He and his employees always go the extra mile for you.
I have known Brad for many years and I never hesitate to refer people to Excalibur Auto. I know that they will always be treated right and the service will always be exceptional. I live on referrals in my career and I realize how important they are. So if I refer someone I'm going to be 100% sure that the company and people I refer others to does good work. At Excalibur that is what you will recieve; good work at a fair price!! (5/10/2011)


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