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Toyota Prius

At Excalibur, they explain your options in clear language. They have earned my trust and I never hesitate to do what they recommend.
When I started going there, I was a young single woman with an older car. I really appreciated how they would listen carefully. Many other places would assume that I didn't know what I was talking about or knew nothing about cars -- at Excalibur I was always treated with respect. They explained everything in as much detail as I needed, without talking down to me. (10/29/2014)

Chevrolet Camaro

I came in with a 82 z28 Camaro that had the power steering removed from it and wanted it replaced. I had a engine dress up kit that included performance aluminum water pump, chrome alternator, chrome power steering pump, chrome crank, water pump and power steering pulley's and fan belts. I had them install the dress up kit and I provided a power steering gear and high pressure hose line to get the power steering installed. Excalibur installed everything perfectly and communicated with me throughout the install process. They're not the cheapest guys in town but if you want it done the correct way, they're worth every penny. I have a few more projects left to do on this car and I have no problems returning to Excalibur for those needs. (10/26/2014)

BMW 328i

Excalibur is just down the street from my house which provides convince for gettin to and from there when work needs to be done. The expertise on knowing BMWs is a blessing and saves you from taking your car to the dealership. (10/16/2014)

Toyota ECHO

I have had a long standing problem with my check engine light coming on. They were able to get to the cause and the light is out and I'm confident it will stay off. (10/02/2014)

Subaru Outback

These guys were great. I pulled into town in the middle of a TX summer with no AC. They found room for me on the schedule the very next day and just like that, I had (blessed!) air conditioning. They were friendly, took the time to educate me about my car's issues, and gave me a ride while my car was getting work done. I highly recommend their services. (8/17/2014)

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2002 Cadillac DeVille

My 12-year-old Cadillac is on its last leg, but James and Clay keep it running, at reasonable prices, and they offer many courtesy services to me. I'm not worthy!
Love you guys! (7/31/2014)

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Ford Pickup
5 out of 5 stars

Took my 08 F250 to the dealer for a recurring erratic temperature sensor. They refused to look into it because they were unable to duplicate the issue. (or unwilling to investigate beyond the obvious). Excalibur went straight to the problem and replaced the sensor. Wouldn't have gone to the dealer in the first place if I hadn't moved 80 miles away from Excalibur - but worth the trip back to Austin to get it right! (7/30/2014)

Chevrolet Avalanche

Clay was great to work with. Took my truck to the Chevy dealership for diagnostics and was told I needed $2200 in repairs that would take 3 days. Sent it over to Clay after a phone call and left with the truck the next day for a 1/3 of the cost the chevy dealership quoted me. Definitely will be visiting these guys again. (7/25/2014)

Saturn Ion 2

I was given an estimate of $400 less at Excalibur than at another automotive repair shop. At the other shop I was told I needed 2 hub bearings repaired. At Excalibur they said only 1 needed to be repaired. I really appreciated their honesty. (7/03/2014)

Ford Ranger

I had a very weird metal on metal sound coming from the motor on a motor with only 28,000 miles and took it by Ford to see if there were any recalls or anything I should know about and they wanted $500 to $600 just to diagnose it.
I left there and went straight to Excalibur and 24 hours later I had my truck back good as new for only $350. That was to to figure out what was wrong, get the part that they needed and install it.
From previous experience these guys are very knowledgeable and they stand by their work. Thanks guys! (6/13/2014)


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