24 MONTH 24,000 MILE


Toyota Corolla

We took this car to mechanics in Lubbock, San Angelo and Midland and no one could fine the cause of a noise. These guys found it with no problem! (5/23/2015)

Chevrolet Equinox

After several months of getting hassled by a local dealership, I decided it was time for a second opinion. In one day, the guys at Excalibur not only gave me more insightful information than my dealership service department ever had, but also pointed out an oversight that had occurred during my last dealership repair! (5/02/2015)

Honda CR-V

I trust the guys over at Excalibur as if they were my brothers. Any time I have a problem, I call them or bring it right over and they do everything they can to help me out as quick as they can. They gave me a number for roadside assistance to call. They drop me off at work if my car is going to be there a while. They are the nicest guys! I'm so lucky to have found them! (3/22/2015)

Jeep Liberty

My wife has been taking her car to be serviced at Excalibur for several years. And when my Jeep developed several problems, I was a bit reluctant to take it there. So, like most people, I took it to the dealer, and paid exorbitant prices and endured their surly customer service. But after taking it to a south Austin Jeep dealer for a problem with my electrical problem (twice in one year) and paying over a thousand dollars and still no resolution to my problem, I took it to Excalibur, and they fixed it right up. First time! This is a great shop, and you feel good when you walk out. Great customer service. I'm a big fan of Excalibur, and won't take my Jeep anywhere else. Thanks, Excalibur! (2/09/2015)

Ford Pickup

I'm so pleased to have found these guys through the AAA search. They got my 1984 F-150 back on the road for thousands less than another shop quoted me. I'm very happy to have found my new mechanics. (1/30/2015)

Honda Civic

Excalibur is great. My only regret is that they moved north so it's harder to get to and from their location. Otherwise, everything about them is top-notch. I recommend them regularly. (1/10/2015)

Toyota Camry

I continue to come to Excalibur, because they are honest and quick. I went in for a thirty thousand mile check, and key at a fraction of the cost it would have cost at the dealership! (1/04/2015)

Ford Focus

I brought you a rattling Ford Focus and you returned a high performance stupors car. Great work!! (12/23/2014)

BMW 325i

Excalibur delivered as they said they would. Had both state inspection and Evap system repair. Every mechanic was helpful. Would recommend business to anyone. (12/06/2014)

Nissan Altima

I took the car in with a problem that sounded much worse than it was. They found it to be a simple fix when they could have told me it was something really expensive. (11/16/2014)


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