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Toyota Camry

The engine splash guard on my Camry got damaged when I drove up on a parking divider. James told me to bring the car and Excalibur could put it up on the rack and evaluate the problem while I waited.
The problem was diagnosed and repaired within 30 minutes and I was back on the road at a very reasonable price and minimum inconvenience to me. I'm an old time returning customer from the Lamar location who can attest to Excalibur's continued dedication to excellence and honest repair over many years. (1/20/2016)

BMW 325xi

What can I say? These guys are great! They are very reasonably priced and they do excellent work. This review is only describing one of several visits I've made to Excalibur over the years but it might as well be about any of my visits. I will not be taking any of my cars to any one else for as long as I'm living here. (12/13/2015)

Nissan Sentra

Got an off the cuff guess at how much getting struts replaced would cost, official estimate ended up coming up a bit lower than the guess, and the final price ended up coming up a bit lower the official estimate. Nothing extraneous was recommended, and I feel like a valued customer that Excalibur would like as a happy repeat customer, as opposed to gouging me all at once as many shops do. As long as I live around this shop I plan on going back in the future. (11/06/2015)

Toyota Corolla

Being a single woman who knows virtually nothing about cars has put me in positions over the years to get swindled whenever I have things come up with my vehicle. Excalibur has always been not only great at fixing my issues with the car, but being completely honest about what I need to do. There's honestly no other place that I care to go to since I found them & other customers that I've talked to in the waiting room have said the same thing. (9/19/2015)

Hyundai Santa Fe

Feel like they treat you like the would their mother. Honest and look for the most affordable way to repair your car. (9/16/2015)

Toyota Matrix

I have been using Excalibur for 5 years, and always found the staff to be friendly and trustworthy. The auto mechanics at this place, Duncan in particular, are outstanding. A few weeks ago my car was towed to Excalibur to have the alternator replaced. They noticed a high pitch sound coming from the rear of the car during test drive, and ran some diagnostic test and found the problem to be with the rear differential. Duncan, completely on his own initiative, researched the problem on the internet, and found out that the problem was caused because the car was incorrectly towed. This detective work on the part of Duncan saved me almost $2,000 (which was covered by the towing company)! (9/05/2015)

Toyota Camry

Great service, great guys, very friendly and professional. When finished, the technician made a point to leave the car on, so I could get into a nice, cold car on a crazy hot day. Details like that mean so much. Thanks for the always exemplary customer service! =D (8/15/2015)

Chevrolet Pickup

Thanks for quickly taking care of my son's truck, especially since I am in Dallas. It's nice to know I don't have to worry about who will take care of his truck when things go wrong... and they will! (8/12/2015)

Honda Fit

This was easily THE most pleasant experience Ive ever had at a car shop. Everyone I met there was attentive, learned, knowledgeable, amiable, and yet professional. They were very open and quick to explain, and even gave me a ride to and from work while they worked on my car. And the service was quick and reasonably priced. (7/26/2015)

Toyota Camry

The Excalibur Team has proven to be one of the best Automotive repair shops I have ever dealt with.
Every member of the Excalibur Team that I have had the pleasure of meeting has taken the time from their busy schedule to discuss the problems with my old car in detail, and developed a plan to solve them.
Their web site allows me to keep in touch by e-mail on the progress of the work on my car. (7/05/2015)


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