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Mercedes-Benz 380SL

The team of management and techs at Excalibur are always friendly, willing to take the time to listen, and make excellent diagnostics, and efficient repairs at reasonable rates! (08/24/2016)

Toyota Camry

These guys know what they are doing with cars- they also appreciate not just the shiny new vehicles, but they will work on a car that is more than 20 years old- dedication to their craft is evident! (08/22/2016)

Toyota 4Runner

My very old car (1999), drives as if it were brand new right now due to the repairs it received at Excalibur recently. I tried them out and was impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and good service. Perhaps a little bit pricey, it cost more than I expected. I do like the online service history option. (7/13/2016)

MINI Cooper

The staff was very knowledgeable. They were able to provide great answers to all my questions and even provided honest, expert advice about what my car needed and didn't need. (6/22/2016)

Mazda CX-7

Great service !!!!they just seemed like they really cared about my vechicle properly running and fixed the prob within hours.
just wish i came here before the 3 dealerships i just wasted about 2 weeks time on and the 1300 dollars (6/03/2016)

Lincoln Mark VI

It's not easy finding a mechanic shop willing to work on an older classic car. Many shops just don't have the knowledge or experience with working on cars more than 30 yrs old. The folks at Excalibur know cars (and trucks/SUVs) and they know how to explain what they're doing, and do a great job explaining how long a repair will take, what it will cost and factors that can influence both. I have had a variety of work done there on several makes foreign and domestic from tune-ups, brakes & timing belts to "Why is my car running so rough?"...I've had good work come out of this shop and they stand by it. You may find a less expensive shop out there but then you'll likely get what you paid for. I've found them honest, they do good work, are reasonably priced and not afraid to work on my 35 yr old classic. Refreshing to find a repair shop with integrity. (5/01/2016)

Honda Fit

This is the 3rd time Ive called upon Excaliber to fix my little buggy, and the 3rd time they blew me away with how professional, friendly, courteous, and eager they are about automotive work! Seriously, Ive never dealt with a better business, of ANY kind. Im not kidding. These guys are great. They seem almost too good to be true. (4/20/2016)

Acura 3.5RL

Just a standard "checkup" for an old car. Very friendly service that also seemed honest -- he gave me a detailed report afterwards, and explained all my options really well, which I really appreciated. Downside was that it took much longer than I expected because they were running behind schedule all day. I had an appointment, but by that time (1:30pm on a Wed.) they were far enough behind that it took 2 hours until they finished with my car. (3/27/2016)

Mazda 3

We all have those friends who tell you about "their" mechanic. In the past I've gone to them and always had issues. So, when some friends told me about Excalibur, I didn't listen. Until one day I did. I wish I had listened earlier.
These guys really are the mechanics you can trust. They didn't try to sell me on services I didn't need, they fixed what needed to be fixed and did it quickly.
These are the guys you can trust. (2/04/2016)

Nissan Sentra

Moved my Daughter to Austin recently and took her car to Excalibur for the mandatory yearly inspection. The work was done quickly with no fuss. Clay was courteous and friendly. He told us where to go to complete the paperwork for the registration (for a reasonable fee) without going to the county office to speed things up. Glad to have used their services. (1/31/2016)


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