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Kyla K.

Photo of Excalibur customer Kyla K.

I'm terrible about taking care of my car. There's a lot of things I know well, but cars, not so much.
I have trust issues with mechanics, and in the past I've taken my car to places where I feel they sense my weakness and look at me with menacing $$ signs in their eyes.
A friend recommended Excalibur, gone there twice, and now I feel like these guys are like my brothers. They are genuinely concerned about my car safety AND my cashflow. They don't try to upsell me things I don't need, but they are very cool in educating me on things I should know about car care without making me feel stupid.
I live off S. Lamar where I could throw a monkey wrench and hit an auto repair shop. But I still hobble my car up to Brad and the guys (most recently for brake issues) because I trust them.
There, I said it. I trust my mechanic.
One more thing, my teenager will be driving soon. I'm freaked out enough about that, but I will make sure the guys at Excalibur keep her car safe.
I can't think of higher praise than to say I would trust them with my kid. (4/12/2015)

2010 Lexus RX 300

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